Aconity3D MultiScan

Aconity3D is proud to announce the all-new Dual 3D Scan Head.

Its stackable design facilitates industry-leading full-overlap 400 mm scan field exposure with up to 4 Lasers, setting a new standard in productivity for series applications of LPBF. The Dual Scan head is equipped with an innovative calibration procedure and compatible with Aconity3D’s leading edge coaxial process monitoring, allowing for highest quality builds at a new industry level. Further designed as a 3D scan head, flexible manipulation of the focused spot size of each individual beam between 80 – 500 µm paves the way for unique manufacturing strategies at maximum productivity and flexibility.

The Dual Scan head is available for the AconityMIDI with up to 2 Lasers and the AconityMIDI+ and AconityONE with each up to 4 Lasers.
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Aconity3D – Built to build!

In process video of 4-laser exposure used for building Aconity3D‘s Dual 3D Scan Head