First-Ever Dual-Metal Part Printed via L-PBF
3D-printed part

It’s finally done, the first-ever dual-metal part is printed via Laser- Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF).

This exciting news results from a strong cooperation between Belgium-based Aerosint SA, who developed a multi-material print head and Aconity3D GmbH. The work is done on the all-new AconityMIDI+ system, which is especially designed for housing the multi-material print head.

The multi-material print head is completely integrated into the system and, thus, forms a standard option, available for all end-customers. Current work focusses on further extending the scope of applicable materials and identifying new applications.

We are very happy about this collaboration and are excited about this milestone within laser-based 3D printing of metals. More exciting news will follow.

The AconityMIDI+ can be configured online according to customer’s specific needs. Check out our online machine configurator: